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Sezessionville Road


 Once upon a time Levon Helm, Emmylou Harris, The Beatles, Mates of State, Eddie Brickell, Simon & Garfunkel, The Head & the Heart, and Indigo Girls all made love and had a baby ... and Sezessionville Road was born, an Alt Folk/Americana/Rock band from Western North Carolina.   That description covers a lot of ground and hints at a bit of eclecticism which a spin of their first collection of songs bares out. Just take a listen to their album entitled

Light 'n Shade Brigade: Sound Tranzition Tranzmission.
The songs on this album range from heart warming Americana (Love We Have, We've Seen a Light), to Rock 'n Roll (We're Alright, I Feel Fear), Introspective Pop Rock (No Authority, Neil Young), Celtic style laments (Two Crosses) to gritty Country (Wild Horses). Each song is deeply felt and all of them feature tight harmonies. Sezessionville Road mixes each show with a strong set of well chosen covers in the same vein as their original compositions for a sure-fire, crowd pleasing mix.


Alpine Eliot Beck and D.D. Wulf are veterans of the music scene in the Asheville, North Carolina area. Alpine is a classically trained pianist (Marie Burnette, UNC-Chapel Hill, UNC-Greensboro), and singer-songwriter, who comes from a family of musicians.  Her grandparents used to tour with the likes of Bill Monroe, and participated in a weekly music radio show in Western North Carolina, the predecessor of WNCW.  Alpine has toured across the United States with her previous California math-rock based band, "Nice Monster", and several other musicians from the mid-west, and both east and west coast.

D.D. is a singer-songwriter, guitarist and the producer of the afore-mentioned album.  He has written, recorded and produced several albums that span a wide genre of music.  He is also an accomplished celtic finger-style guitarist, with over 20 years experience.

Lucas Dauphinais is originally from New Hampshire, and has recently moved to North Carolina.  He attended the University of New Hampshire where he studied french horn.  He has performed at Carnegie Hall in New York, toured the US and Germany, and released a bluegrass album titled "Empty Teardrops" with his brother Nicholas.

Vocals, Guitar/D.D. Wulf

Vocals, Keys, Guitar/Alpine Eliot Beck

Bass, Vocals/Lucas Dauphinais


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Light n' Shade Brigade: Sound Tranzition Tranzmission

by Sezessionville Road

Produced by D.D. Wulf.  

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